Welcome to Hill Farm

HFI-278-322Like many good things in life, the story of how we came to own the Hill Farm Inn has a dose of serendipity. My wife Anne and I were looking to possibly purchase a hobby farm in Southern Vermont when I stumbled upon the listing for the Inn as part of an internet search using the words “Southern Vermont, farm, and river”. We were drawn to Southern Vermont for its beauty, climate in the summer, skiing in the winter and it’s relatively easy drive from our home in Westchester, New York. The farm aspect gave myself and our children exposure to farm life that my wife had experienced growing up and a chance to fulfill my real desire to learn farming- or at least some serious vegetable gardening. The location on the Battenkill River was key because I enjoy fly fishing and hoped our children would come to learn the same. The Inn offered us an unexpected bonus in that it is located only 4 miles down the road from Manchester, offering us great restaurants and shopping.

The Hill Farm Inn has a rich history. The Hill family owned and farmed this property for over 200 years and began to invite paying guests into their home over 100 years ago. The property is a local landmark and almost anyone you meet in the community has a personal story to tell about the Inn. Many of the Inn’s guests have been coming here for years, if not generations. The main Inn was built in 1830, and the 1790 House (the original home) was built in 1790. Both were in need of some restoration when we purchased the Inn in 2012. We have worked closely with our friends, the Manchester-based Architect and Decorator team of David and Nina Mooney on these renovations and improvements. They, in turn, have hired all local craftsmen led by Todd Ameden to complete the great work that you see around the main Inn and the other buildings.

In planning and performing the renovations, our objective was to retain the unique character of the Hill Farm Inn as a comfortable place to stay and relax, while improving its finishes and energy efficiency. We added more communal space for gathering in the living room, pub and great porch and continue to emphasize the beautiful views, outdoor recreation and farm aspects of the property. Our hope is that you’ll find a nice balance between personal and shared space at the Inn and the broader property.

Even more important than the physical being of the Inn is the way in which our guests are treated while they are staying with us. In Mariah Macfarlane, a long time local resident, classically trained chef and former restaurateur, we found a Manager for the Inn who offers the best of Southern Vermont: warm hospitality, great fresh food and good humor. She has been a wonderful partner for us and takes great personal pride in the Inn.

We hope that you and your family will come to stay with us at the Hill Farm Inn and enjoy all of its unique offerings. The Inn has kept people coming back for over 100 years and we hope it will continue to do so for 100 more.

Warm regards,

Don Pollard